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May 14, 2009  –  JPL News Release
Herschel and Planck on Way to Study Our Cosmic Roots Full story...
May 5, 2009  –  JPL News Release
Two missions to study the cosmos, Herschel and Planck, are scheduled to blast into space May 14 aboard the same Ariane 5 rocket from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana. Full story...
April 28, 2009  –  New Herschel/Planck Launch Date Set
Arianespace and ESA have agreed on a new launch date of May 14, 2009, for Herschel and Planck. The launch date had been delayed by several days to allow for additional tests. More information...
April 20, 2009  –  Herschel and Planck Launch Delayed
Due to an anomaly discovered during pre-launch tests, Arianespace has decided to delay the May 6, 2009 launch of Herschel and Planck. A new launch date will be announced soon. More information...
April 8, 2009  –  Herschel and Planck Launch Date Set
ESA and Arianespace have agreed on a new launch date. The decision was made to delay the original launch date of April 16, in order to perform additional checks of the Herschel telescope. With the flight-worthiness of the telescope confirmed, the launch will proceed on May 6, 2009. More information...

An Ariane 5 ECA launched on August 14, 2008. (Photo: ESA-CNES-Arianespace/Photo Optique Vidéo CSG)
February 17, 2009  –  Herschel Arrives at Launch Site
The Herschel observatory has arrived at its launch pad at the Centre Spatial Guyanais in Kourou, French Guiana. It was shipped via an Antonov cargo plane on February 11, 2009. Both Herschel and the Planck observatory are scheduled to lift off together aboard an Ariane 5 ECA rocket on April 16. Planck will arrive at the launch site in approximately one week.

After arrival at Rochambeau Airport, French Guiana, the custom-built container carrying the Herschel spacecraft is loaded onto a truck for the last leg of its journey to the launch site at the Centre Spatial Guyanais, Kourou. (Photo: ESA/Herschel)
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